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Blue Light Protection Is Essential

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We all spend a good amount of time on our digital devices like our smartphones, tablets, computers and TV’s. Probably too much time. However, now these electronic devices are an essential part of our daily life. What comes from these digital devices is the harmful blue light. We all know how too much UV light can damage our body, but what about blue light? The blue light on the color spectrum has proven to control our wake/sleep cycles, induce eyestrain with more optical aberrations and cause damage to our retina. This blue light also comes from the sun and most energy efficient light sources.

What we can do about blue light is now the biggest question. Of course we should try to limit our usage and take breaks from our digital devices but we can do better. My preference for longer period of blue light exposure from the TV to the smartphone is to turn on proper lighting and to take more breaks. We understand sometimes that is unrealistic and difficult to to maintain. We offer blue light protection in the form of an anti-reflective glare coating to reduce those harmful blue light rays. This will help us all sleep better, reduce eye strain from our screens and reduce long term damage to our eye health.