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Pediatric Eye Care in San Jose, CA

At Milpitas Optometric Group kids are our specialty. We perform eye exams in San Jose for all ages including Infant Childrens eye exam at eye doctor san joseSee exams and complimentary 3-year old screening programs. Since good vision is an important factor in your child’s ability to learn, we also test for vision related learning problems.

Children’s myopia is a growing problem. In 1971-1972, 25% of children were affected. Today it is prevalent among 41% of all children in the U.S. While a principal cause is genetics, the explosion in use of digital devices, including smart phones, tablets, computers and games is causing much of the increase in prevalence.

Our San Jose eye doctors specialize in myopia control using visual hygiene, special glasses, and CRT night contacts or dual focus soft contacts worn during the day. These special contact lenses can slow myopia up to 50%. We also have contacts for children to protect their eyes and help them excel at sports.

Vision is arguably the most important of the five senses; it plays a crucial role throughout childhood and beyond. Yet many parents don’t understand how vision helps their children develop appropriately. The articles below can help.


  • Early professional eye care for children is highly recommended – even before kids start school. Watch this short video to see why. Visit our San Jose eye doctor for a full pediatric vision check up.
  • How often should your child's eyes be examined? What's the difference between a school vision screening and a comprehensive eye exam? and more. Call our San Jose eye doctor at 408-263-2040.
  • Knowing the expected milestones of your baby's vision development during their first year of life can ensure your child is seeing properly and enjoying their world to the fullest.
  • Contact lenses offer advantages in the areas of sports and self-esteem. But when is your child old enough for contacts? Come in and ask our San Jose eye doctor.
  • Certain types of contact lenses and eyeglasses may play a role in slowing the progression of myopia, or nearsightedness.
  • Fun and Games for kids and their families brought to you by Eye Didn't Know That!