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Color Contact Lenses

color contacts in Milpitas - Milpitas Optometric Group Looking for a new way to change your appearance? Well there are colored contact lenses for that! These contacts are not just for seeing better but for looking better too. Color contact lenses are available with a prescription, of course. However, even people with perfect eyesight can wear them for cosmetic purposes.

With color contacts, you can either enhance your eye color or change it all together. Colored contacts work for dark and light eyes and are available in a range of various color assortments. Some patients buy multiple colors to match their fashion style or to change it up.

Make sure you see us for your colored contact lenses needs to choose the right pair and colors. We will teach you how to insert and remove your contacts properly, as well as train you to care for them properly. Whether you need to verify your prescription, or just get a non-prescription fashion pair, you need to see a registered optician or eye doctor because it is illegal for anyone other than an Optometrist to prescribe/sell colored contacts.

Color contact lenses are here at our optical in Milpitas, CA from your local optometrist’s office.

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